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Christopher H. Schroeder
Christopher H. SchroederChristopher H. Schroeder is Charles S. Murphy Professor of Law and Professor of Public Policy Studies at Duke University School of Law, director of the Program in Public Law, and editor in chief of Executive Watch. full bio. email.
Curtis Bradley
Curtis BradleyCurtis Bradley is the Richard A. Horvitz Professor of Law and Professor of Public Policy Studies, and is also the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. He joined the Duke law faculty in 2005, after teaching at the University of Virginia and University of Colorado law schools. full bio. email.
Guy-Uriel Charles
Guy-Uriel CharlesGuy-Uriel Charles is visiting Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law. He is is the Russell M. and Elizabeth M. Bennett Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School. He will join the Duke faculty in 2009 as Professor of Law and founding director of a center on race and politics. full bio. email.
Neil Kinkopf
Neil KinkopfNeil Kinkopf teaches constitutional law, criminal law, legislation and civil procedure at Georgia State University College of Law. During the Clinton Administration, Professor Kinkopf was a special assistant in the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, where his practice focused on issues of presidential power. Professor Kinkopf has taught at the law schools at Duke University and Case Western Reserve University. He is a frequent commentator in both the national and local media and has written numerous articles on law and politics. full bio.
Neil Siegel
Neil SiegelNeil Siegel is Associate Professor of Law and Political Science at Duke University School of Law. Professor Siegel teaches in the areas of constitutional law and constitutional theory. His research interests include constitutional law, constitutional theory, and the economic analysis of constitutional law. full bio. email.
Peter Shane
Peter ShanePeter Shane is Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law at Ohio State Law School. He is an internationally recognized scholar in administrative law, with a specialty in separation of powers law, and has co-authored leading casebooks on each subject. full bio.
Cynthia Farina
Cynthia FarinaCynthia Farina is a Professor of Law at Cornell University and a principal researcher in the Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative (CeRI). Her scholarship and teaching focuses on administrative law and electronic government, the presidency and the legislature, and due process and separation of powers. full bio.
Bill Marshall
Bill MarshallBill Marshall has been a permanent member of the UNC-Chapel Hill faculty since spring 2001. He received his law degree from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Marshall served as Deputy White House Counsel and Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States during the Clinton Administration where he worked on issues ranging from freedom of religion to separation of powers. full bio.
Peter Strauss
Peter Strauss Peter L. Strauss is Betts Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, teaching courses in Administrative Law, Legal Methods, and Legislation. He joined the faculty at Columbia in 1971. After graduating Harvard College (1961) and Yale Law School (1964), Professor Strauss spent two years clerking for federal judges in Washington, D.C., two years lecturing on criminal law in the national university of Ethiopia, and three years as an attorney in the Office of the Solicitor General, briefing and arguing cases before the United States Supreme Court. During 1975-77, Professor Strauss was on leave from Columbia as the first General Counsel of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. full bio.
Julian Yap
Julian Yap is the Public Law Fellow at Duke University School of Law, and Managing Editor of Executive Watch.  He recieved his B.A. in 1998 from Yale University, and his M.A. in 2001 from the University of Pennsylvania.  He graduated in 2007 from Duke University School of Law, receiving a J.D. and an L.L.M in International and Comparative Law.
Ryan Caldwell
Ryan Caldwell is a student at Duke University School of Law.
John Gochnour
John Gochnour is a student at Duke University School of Law.
Stephen McIntyre
Stephen McIntyre is a student at Duke University School of Law.
Rocio Perez
Rocio Perez is a student at Duke University School of Law.
Jason Rathod
Jason Rathod is a student at Duke University School of Law.